November 4th, 2008 | filed in News


Today, I am proud to cast my vote for Barack Obama. For many out there, he is a new face, and many have voiced their misgivings that one so young and inexperienced could possibly lead our country out of these dark times. However, to me, he is not an unknown. I first learned of this man nearly five years ago when I lived in Chicago, when he was first running to be the Democratic nominee for Senator for Illinois. I learned of his unique ability to reach out to people on opposite sides and get them to work together, in one case to pass a piece of legislation I felt was very important — the videotaping of confessions by the police. I was proud to cast my vote for him in that primary on a cold February day over four years ago. After watching him address the entire nation at the Democratic convention that summer, I was even prouder to do it again that November to put him into the U.S. Senate. Never before have I so strongly resonated with a candidate; he speaks for our generation and our vision of what the world can be.

There has been much said about how this could be the most important election our lifetime. So much is as stake: our economy is in shambles, we are mired in war, and our reputation around the world is in the worst shape it’s been in a generation. However, despite these setbacks, I still have hope for our great nation. We may have let politics divide us, but I believe we can still work together to put things right. And I believe Barack Obama is the man we need in these times to help us do that.

Please do your part, too: Go out today and VOTE!