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CTCon Report: The HAVOC in HARTFORD!

Holy crap, was Connecticon an amazing time this year. Things got off to a slow start, but then came Super Art Fight! I met Nick, Marty, Jamie, Ross and Mike back at CTCon ’07, and they invited me down to Charm City for Super Art Fight 4 last summer on the eve of Otakon. So, when I caught up with them in Hartford, they asked me to join in for another art smackdown. How could I resist?

Alina and I geek out in Crinos form - Team Were HOWL!

They teamed me up with Weregeek’s Alina Pete and together we formed “Team Were-” (or the WereTeam, depending on who you ask) and pitted us against the formidable champion Garth Graham of Finders Keepers, and the The Paul Reveres’ Tina Pratt in her debut match.


Our chosen theme was EPIC SPACE BATTLE! And I knew exactly what I needed to do: the old-school fanboy in me called for MACROSS! Garth started strong with Death Star in his corner, but I countered with firing the Main Gun, and things just exploded from there. What followed included Harley Quinn, Attack of the Killer Tacos, Scott Pilgrim, the UP House, Mars Attacks, the Revenge of Metal Hair, and YER MOM! — IN SPACE!

Tina Pratt brings an onslaught of Space Tacos!

We played to a packed house of 2000+ cheering fans, and we gave it our all. All manner of Power-Ups and Finishing Moves were employed. It had to be seen to be believed. But when the dust settled, the WereTeam was victorious through our energy and teamwork. Thanks again to Alina Pete — we did it! And congrats to Yuko Ota and Lar deSouza for their equally epic wins against Super Art Fight founders Jamie Noguchi and Nick Borkowicz, respectively. It was an amazing show!

From that point on, everything took off, and the rest of the con is a blur. There was much comics, drawing, selling, food, beer, and much merriment. Thanks once again for all my readers old and new who came by for all your support! I know I can’t do this comic without you, and I will never stop appreciating it.

Coming up next week… San Diego Comic-Con International!

See you on the West Coast!

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