July 25th, 2007 | filed in News

Connecticon, NYC and Otakon!

Connecticon went great! Sold a ton of books and met some fabulous people. A big shoutout to Jason May, my neighbor for the weekend, who is a fantastic artist and great guy. And also thanks to his friend Chris Judge for watching after my table on Saturday while I was getting auctioned off for Charity (BTW, we won! Yay!). Also hung out with with the excellent Steve Napierski of Dueling Analogs, and the entertaining Richard Kirsch and Rob Koch of Bored and Evil on Friday and Saturday nights. Also big hellos to Woody Hearn of GU Comics,, Brian Wilson of Hookie Dookie Panic. Ross of Rockets… ROCK OUT!, the boys from Dead of Summer.

Next, we went to the Big Apple and stayed in an apartment down in Lower Manhattan. I was favorably impressed with the city. I only wish I knew more people to hang out with here. Reminds me of downtown Chicago, only there’s a lot more of it. Walked around a bunch, ate tons of good food, rode the subway and generally had a good time.

Finally, there was Otakon! Man, it was big. Friday was totally crazy, especially sales-wise, but it was Saturday that was a total marathon: 10am to midnight NONSTOP. I didn’t quite make it to the end before bailing out to hit the Cheesecake Factory with Zackules Giallongo, Stephanie Yue, and Shelli Paroline of LifeMeter comics and their buddies. Also, special thanks to Jen’s crew Yager, Chiu, Andy, Ross, Stefan, Erica and Michelle. (Michelle and I ended up bonding over MarioKart and talking about my upcoming wedding plans. Good luck with yours, Michelle!) You guys rock so hard! These tireless folks helped Brion, Jen, and I with our tables for the whole weekend, fetching us meals, manning our posts when we had to get up, and helping us out when things got crazy busy. I don’t know what we would have done without you guys. Also, a special shoutout to my roommate, James, who arranged for the hotel, and provided much-needed cereal to get me going in the morning. Thanks again, man!

In the Alley, we also met up with a few other good folks of independant web comicdom. Hello to Dave Lister of Paradox Lost (that *other* ‘Para’ comic), Jared Koon of ETHOS, Stan and Rev of The Devil’s Gate, Garth of Comedity, James and co. of In His Likeness and finally to my neighbor Mara Maguire of Black As White, who had to put up with my constant pitches to the passers-by. Also hello to Joe of Alpha Shade, who came by the table and interviewed me, and hello to my old friends Poe and Hillary of Errant Story, who took the time to swing by, too. You guys all rock! Be sure to check out all of their comics.

Anyway, as you can tell, it was a busy, busy week and a half. I’m sure missed somebody up there, so let me know if I did. Now, I’m off to the airport soon to head out to sunny San Diego for COMIC-CON! You can catch me at Jen and Brion’s Mystic Revolution/Flipside booth in the Small Press area. I’ll have my books and will be helping them sell theirs, too.

See you there!