May 12th, 2010 | filed in News

Thoughts on Commission Pricing

Question: How much would you pay for this commission?

Commission: Urban Wolf

After spending most of a day churning out this [albeit rare] take-home commission, I’m considering raising my prices again. The fact of the matter is they just take too long, especially anything that comes home with me, because I don’t have the pressures of the con to keep me from spending a lot of time on it. With the new storyline about to start, I really can’t afford to spend time doing commissions if I want to get the comic updating regularly again. I like to think that my work with worth the money, so I should be pricing my time as such.

Traditionally my have prices have been:

  • $5 Quick Pencil Sketch
  • $20 Pencil
  • $40 Inked
  • $80 Colored
  • Plus extra for more characters or backgrounds
  • No take-home commissions (save for an occasional

I’m thinking of moving to something like this:

  • No more pencil commissions.
  • $10 On-the Spot Quick Ink Drawings
  • $50 Inked (One character, simple BG)
    • add $10 for each extra character
    • add $30 for a detailed BG
  • $100 Color (One character, simple BG)
    • add $25 for each extra character
    • add $50 for detailed BG
  • Double the price for take-home commissions.

So, my real question to you all is, what do you think is a fair price?