August 8th, 2006 | filed in News


I’m back home after a lovely weekend chillin with Shaenon and Andrew at Narbonicon. We had a fantastic time chatting, eating, and attending Body Worlds at the science museum. It was so good to meet some new faces, and see everyone else again, too! Once again, thanks to Kellie, Eric, and Charissa for organizing and hosting!

I met some new artists, too. Be sure to check out Abby’s The Green Avenger and the cute quirkiness of Sarah Morean. Great stuff!

Sadly, I really didn’t take any photos this time around. I was too busy enjoying myself.

On another note, Shaenon & co. convinced me to start a new LiveJournal account so I can start paying attention to people again. I may start posting things there, too, if I think of something to say. I may start a progress log for the comic, there. There was also some discussion about replacing my ailing Talk About Comics Forum, which seems to only gather dust for the most part, these days. So, a new forum may be in order, too. We’ll see. I have a book to finish first, though.

More soon!

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