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Back from ACEN!

Had a great time at Anime Central this past weekend. Sold a ton books, drew a bunch of commissions (quick and otherwise), and was taken by surprise by how many people wanted prints. I ran out of a several on Friday alone. Thanks to everyone who came by the table! You guys make this whole thing possible.

This year I tabled next to Comfort Love and Adam Withers, who do a fabulous comic called The Uniques. I may not be into superheroes usually, but their comic sure pulled me in while I was at 10,000 feet on the way home. Very good comics and worth the look.

They even took a stab at Kate and Mike!

Kate & Mike by Comfort Love

I also got to hang out with my long-time friends from Madison. Studio Anti-Thesis was sporting some brand new volumes of their own, including Peter Leithen’s first complete volume of Deverish Also, Stacie Arellano’s Tribute Waters and Kim & Maciek Smuga-Otto’s new Merylion Factor story. Allie Vyle of Rain-Arc Rhapsody was also debuting her first issue of Whispers of the Divide. Additionally, there was time to spend with my friends Paul Sizer of Little White Mouse fame, Brion Foulke (Flipside), Jen Brazas (Mystic Rev), Brian “BMAN” Babendererde (Twilight Tangents), Alisa Kober, and Tim Broderick (Odd Jobs).

Here’s my setup, once again. Everything here fit in my luggage!* I’m pretty proud that I was able to schlep the prints stand on the plane in my backpack:

My setup!

*Too bad it costs $60 to check two bags these days…

Keep Your Eyes on the Game

Despite my misgivings about taking too long doing commissions, it worked out just fine. I think the new pricing structure worked out as well as I could have hoped. I wasn’t able to accommodate everyone, but it all worked out in the end. I didn’t have my scanner, but thanks to my friends Maciekand Ray, who had some serious SLR cameras, I should get copies of all of big ones I drew.

Vintage Pop!Ms. Yuki Foster

One of my fans came by and offered me vintage pop! My brother and sister-in-law have often sung the praises of SKI to me, and I can see why. Way superior to Mountain Dew. Cane Suger and real lemon juice (complete with pulp!), and a serious caffiene kick. A+! I also got a bottle of elusive Moxie, but it met a bad ende before I could drink or photograph it. Dernit! Ms. Yuki from Anime STL came by to visit. Perhaps I will find time to draw her another portrait sometime!

These trips always take longer to recover from than I’d like, and trying to get back to drawing. However, keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement sometime real soon.

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