May 18th, 2004 | filed in News

Anime Central Report!

The weekend was fantastic for me– mostly spent standing up, but it was worth it. As a result, I didn’t have a typical con experience, though, since I let the con come to me. =)

Spent the days in Artist’s Alley pimping my warez and the evenings hanging out with other artists. Helped run a panel on comic storytelling on Friday with the exceptional folks from Studio Anti Thesis, which seemed to be well-recieved (standing room only, believe it or not). I got really positive feedback and quite a few inquiries on when my second book was coming — not soon enough is basically the answer. =)

My only regrets were: I didn’t take any time to really go and see much else of the con — not even the dealer’s room, and I missed the Ghost in the Shell TV episodes showing due to being confused about the timing on Saturday night. I hope that I can get ahold of that somehow once it comes out on DVD.

But, the great news is I not only broke even on the con, I turned a profit! I sold 51 books, about 6 prints, and 4 commissions.

I also received several wonderful new pieces of fan art from my new friends Stacie and Dan, and from my old friends Chris, Elon, and Fro! Thanks so much, you guys!

I got to stay in the hotel because one of my friends from anime club was on staff, so I got a room to crash in for the cost of a rollaway per night (Thanks, Chris!). I’ll definitely be going again next year, and I’m looking into hitting more anime cons this season to boot.