October 29th, 2012 | filed in New Chapter, News

It’s Aliiiiive! – PS is on its way back!

Page 94

As you can see above, I’m getting back to work on the book after nearly three months on the bench due to the nerve pinch in my neck. This is just an appetizer. Or a peace offering. In any case, I just want you to know I’m finally back to work. Still figuring out exactly what my limits are. This page took a few days because I couldn’t work on it all at once, but indications are strong that I will be back to full capacity before too long.

I’ll be sticking with the batch posting method from here on out, so don’t expect a new page next week. I’ve got a huge 12 pager coming for the next scene, which I may break into two before posting it here on the site. I am still have some more traveling to do this fall (I’m going to Ireland next week for a music festival and staying through Thanksgiving. I’m so excited!), so not quite sure how I’m going to schedule it. I’ll be working on pencils up through my trip across the pond, so I’ll have a better idea before I leave.