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It’s Aliiiiive! – PS is on its way back!

Page 94

As you can see above, I’m getting back to work on the book after nearly three months on the bench due to the nerve pinch in my neck. This is just an appetizer. Or a peace offering. In any case, I just want you to know I’m finally back to work. Still figuring out exactly what my limits are. This page took a few days because I couldn’t work on it all at once, but indications are strong that I will be back to full capacity before too long.

I’ll be sticking with the batch posting method from here on out, so don’t expect a new page next week. I’ve got a huge 12 pager coming for the next scene, which I may break into two before posting it here on the site. I am still have some more traveling to do this fall (I’m going to Ireland next week for a music festival and staying through Thanksgiving. I’m so excited!), so not quite sure how I’m going to schedule it. I’ll be working on pencils up through my trip across the pond, so I’ll have a better idea before I leave.

23 Responses to “It’s Aliiiiive! – PS is on its way back!”

  1. Techrat3D says:

    Good to hear that you are back and that you are feeling better.
    Take your time and give us the good stuff, instead of quick and dirty right now. :)

    Enjoy your trip to Ireland, just watch out for those redheads. ;)



  2. Karyl says:

    I agree, glad to see you are able to produce again, now just don’t overdo! Enjoy Ireland, I’d love to go!

  3. MarleneS. says:

    Welcome back Dirk. Glad to see that things are going in the right direction for you. I am happy for the appetizer, that means that the main course will be on its way. But take your time and to do it at a pace that you can sustain.
    Have fun in Ireland. Will a leprechaun be making a brief appearance in an upcoming page?

  4. Hamish says:

    YYYyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Welcome back, Dirk!

  5. Andrew says:

    Dirk, I’ve been following your comic for many years, am so glad its coming back but most importantly that you’re back on the road to health :)

  6. OctoDude says:

    Glad you’re on the mend, DirkDude! To echo the others, your health comes first – we love PS, but we can wait for it, as your health necessitates. Do what you’ve gotta to recover! And enjoy Ireland, it’s a beautiful country! :-]

    • dirk says:

      Thanks so much for all the well-wishing. I’m happy to be back in the studio, and rest assured I’m pacing myself, doing my exercises and paying attention to my limits. Definitely don’t want a repeat of this. My theme going forward is slow and steady progress. No more sprinting.

  7. Frédéric says:

    Huzzah for your recovery! Not-so-huzzah for telefax machines… *G*

  8. Doc says:

    Wheeeh! Ze Return ov ze Comick!

  9. SCE2AUX says:

    Yay! Dirk has been healed!!

    (reads comic)


  10. Matt says:

    Welcome back! Good to see comics again!

  11. Cindy says:

    YEA!!! Glad to see you’re back!

    Now onto the comic. I agree with SCE2AUX. Uh oh.

  12. Bucc_i says:

    In a word… boned.

    Glad to see you back at it Dirk, keep up the good job.

  13. haiiro_okami says:

    Glad to see the comic is back and you’re doing well again! Also impressed once again by the amount of detail you still manage to cram into some minute things, I can actually read the printout in the last panel, and once again love your eye for detail. Have a good time in Ireland, that place is on my bucket list!

  14. warhawk says:

    Hey, awesome your back. By all that is holy take your time and don’t push it. But again welcome back. All I can say bout what’s going on in the page is “Oh friggin’ snap!”

  15. orlandu84 says:

    Great to see you back in action! I hope that your recovery continues to go well for you.

  16. NotACat says:

    It’s great to hear you’re on the mend: take care you don’t over do it, now ;-)

    As stated before, it would be far better for us to get more pages at a suitably relaxed pace for you rather than get a few in a hurry causing you to relapse: an author friend of mine is fond of telling her fans “dead authors can’t update!”

  17. PaladinVII says:

    WOO HOO!!! One of the best webcomics is coming back! Don’t overdo it on the the recovery, we’re rooting for you!

  18. sparkplug5t4 says:

    All the other comments have said it, but…
    Take your time, don’t get yourself hurting again. In case of PS, haste will only bring bad things. You (and we) want the last pages to be as good as the first pages. Glad that you are back in the saddle and on the job, if only slowly. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

  19. KT says:

    Woohoot! welcome back and it’s wonderful to hear you’re back in good condition. All I can say is enjoy your time in Ireland; real friendly place to be. Just enjoy yourself, seriously. Updates can wait, Life doesn’t.

  20. Antonious says:

    Enjoy Ireland, the music and I beg you do carefully enjoy the whiskey. I favor the single malts myself. So drink some and tell us about them.

  21. tehbeefer says:

    Welcome back! I hope the flight isn’t too long, those seats start to feel mighty small after a few hours.

  22. BiD says:

    Im glad your arm is getting better, but make sure you dont strain it or work too hard! Awesome job on this comic page, too, and have fun in Ireland.

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