May 26th, 2012 | filed in News

Up Next? A-Kon in Dallas, TX!

Dirk will be in Dallas, TX next weekend for A-Kon, the oldest continually running, anime-based convention in North America. Running from June 1 to 3 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dirk is one of the headlining guests and will also have a table in the Artist Alley.

Here is Dirk’s panel schedule:

How to Draw Manga Backgrounds: Many beginning artists find drawing backgrounds intimidating, and often actively avoid them altogether. Unfortunately this means they miss out on using scenery to evoke a believable setting, which can produce a powerful effect in storytelling. However, with a little thought, patience, and few tricks, learning to draw them can be fun and rewarding. 1:00 pm State Room 2.

Paradigm Shift Q&A: Question and answer session with Paradigm Shift’s writer/artist Dirk Tiede. 2:30 pm State Room 1.

The Business of Art & Comics: Making a living in the real world while creating art is challenging, especially in comics. It doesn’t come with a handbook, but, whether you’re a hobbyist or about to turn pro, with the right skills and a good attitude, you can make it happen. 3:15 pm Houston B.

How to Draw Manga: A Complete Process: So, you have an epic you’re dying to draw, but where do you start? Taking a comic from an idea to the finished page is more than just drawing a few pictures on a page: you have to tell a story, too. Fortunately, following a few easy steps makes it easy. Comics veteran Dirk I. Tiede, creator of Paradigm Shift, breaks the creation of a comic page down from start to finish, and covers scripting, thumbnails, layout, character and background basics, inking, digital touchup and screen tones. 4:15 pm Houston C.

We hope you will come stop by if you’re in attendance!