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ACEN Wrap-up

Lord, I have too much to say and post, and not enough time to do it. Such is my life these days.

ACEN WAS AWESOME! I did better than I’ve done at any other con EVER. Sold 70+ books, maxed out my commissions list (watch for them on my DeviantArt account!), met a bunch of new fans, and hung out with the usual suspects from the ‘Alley. Thanks once again to Dan, who played helper for me once again behind the table. Dude, you make this a lot easier.

Shout-outs to Bad Cat Studios (Elon, Beth, Kellie, Chris & Kevin), Studio AntiThesis (Kim, Maciek & Eli, Stacie & Pete), Rainarc Rhapsody (Allie & Lor), Meredith, Studio ONY (Shannon/Roku-chan & Richard), Jen B (Mystic Revolution), Brion F (Flipside), BMAN & Alisa (Twilight Tangents/Soul Chaser Betty), Chris & Joe (Alpha Shade). Last but not least, thanks one and all to my fans, old and new, who came by the table to pick up the new books, get commissions, or just offer encouragement. Every time I see you guys, I’m filled with enthusiasm for doing all this. You make it all worth it! A million times, thank you.

Also, thanks to Roku-chan for getting me in on the Webcomics Panel (Slummin’ It). It was a good conversation we had between Richard, Shannon (Roku), Jen, another girl whose comic slipping my mind at the moment (I will fix this!), myself, and the audience. We tried to cover what we could during the chat amidst all the joking around. If you were at the panel, please let us know how you thought it went from your end.

That all said, I feel I should mention this is all despite the fact con organization was at an all-time LOW. This is my third year staffing in Artist’s Alley, and being in the position I’m in knowing a lot of artists, attendees and staffers, I got an earful of all the problems both behind the scenes and front-n-center. The biggest complaint was that registration was a nightmare. Plus, when Dan arrived on Friday security wouldn’t let him into Artists’s Alley to claim his badge, so he waited in line for 3 hours instead of coming to get his proper Artist’s Alley badge. UNACCEPTABLE! Things were not helped by the fact the Artist’s Alley badges were not provided as promised, so we spent Thursday night and early Friday morning in a panic, trying to reassure all the artists that the sky was not falling, that they’d get badges as soon as possible, and no, they weren’t going to be kicked out without them. GUH. Nightmare. At least it was more or less over before noon on Friday. Once I got behind my table and Dan finally got through the line, it was smooth sailing.

Anyway, it was so good to see everyone this weekend, but I worked my butt off. So I’m exhausted, even a day afterwards. Unsurprisingly, the next page will be late again, but it will be up by Friday at the very latest. I’ll try to make it up to you with photos and commissions from the con.

more soon!

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