May 17th, 2005 | filed in News

ACEN accounting…

I’m picking up the pieces now that the con is over, and I’ve realized that there were a few loose ends:

1.) Commissions — There were a handful of commissions that went unfinished, including a drawing in a sketchbook that didn’t happen. If you paid me for a commission and you didn’t go home with a drawing, please contact me!!! I owe you, and I will honor my end of the deal. Email me to remind me, and we’ll work out shipping arrangements or proper refunds.

2.) Lost and Found — I came home with an extra GoldDigger trade paperback that was lent to me as reference material. Please contact me, and I can get this mailed back to you ASAP!!!

3.) Lost and Found 2 — I also lost my camera over the weekend. I know this is a long shot, but if you came home with a Canon Powershot A40 in a black leather carrying case with no strap and a 128MB flash card inside, or know someone who did, please contact me! I don’t care how you got it, but I really need it back. No questions will be asked.

Thanks again to everyone who came by the table or attended my workshops! You guys are great. I’m still prepping a full con report. I should have it up tonight.

more soon

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