Step Seven: Inks

I make all the final decisions while inking. First, I use a triangle and 05 weight MICRON pen to ink the panel borders .

Now, I pull out the dip pens for the characters. It didn’t take long on this page.

Character Inking

A few things to keep in mind when inking with dip pens:

  1. Don’t overload the nib. It’s messy, reduces the life of the nib, and makes it prone to dripping on the page.
  2. After dipping the pen in the ink, test the point by making a quick stroke on some scratch bristol. This gets the ink flowing properly before going over the pencils.
  3. Work from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right of the panel to reduce the risk of smudges. Don’t put ink down where the heel of your hand will be in the near future, because ink doesn’t dry immediately—especially thick lines!The thicker the line, the longer it takes to dry.

  4. Consider where the light source is in the drawing while inking. Make the lines facing the light source thinner than the lines on the shadow side. This helps give the inked drawing more depth.

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