Step Five: Layout

Once I finally come up with something I like in the thumbnails, it’s time to move to a big sheet of bristol.

Rough Layout

First, I use my t-square and triangles and draw inset lines a half inch from the sides, top and bottom of the page. This denotes the area where I’ll keep most of the panels that don’t bleed off the edge of the page, and the area in which all the dialogue will fall. Then I draw one more set of lines, this time one inch in from the edges where most of the panel borders will fall. This keeps dialogue from spilling off the printed page. (BAD!)

Next, using the same tools, I draw in the panel layout design.

While I still have my straight edges out, I also figure out the basic perspective lines for the major background panels. Below, I also roughed in the basic position of the bus in the two middle panels.

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