Step Three: Reference Materials

Before I sit down to lay out the page, I gather up any reference material I may need to look at while drawing. To help draw the complicated backgrounds that represent downtown Chicago in PS, I periodically go out to take snapshots of areas in the city where upcoming scenes will take place. For page 60, I had a number shots of the stretch of Addison between Halsted and Clark just down the street from Wrigley Field.

In addition to photos I have taken myself, I sometimes grab stuff from the internet. In this case, I needed references of a standard CTA bus. So, I popped onto Google Image Search for “CTA bus” and came up with 4 or 5 shots that worked well. However, I won’t print them here for copyright reasons.

Here are the shots I used:

Town Hall Police Station

I used this shot for the opening panel for when Kate and Mike leave the station. I liked the overall vertical composition. The drawing in Panel One more or less matches up with this picture with only minor modifications.

Town Hall Police Station

Another good shot of the police station selected for Panel Two. This time I extrapolated the rest of the street.

CTA Bus Stop

This shot was used to make the bus stop sign look right over several panels.


A general reference shot that I borrowed elements from for a couple of panels.

Addison & Wrigley Field

Like panel one, this shot was used almost directly, save for the bus in the foreground of the final drawing. This photo was bit dark, but it had enough information to get some details from it.

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