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Author's Notes:

Well, I promised you pencils, but I’m afraid even those aren’t ready for public consumption, yet. I’m afraid that I’ve got too much to juggle this month, and the comic is not getting the undivided attention that it deserves. So, I’ll be posting the thumbnail version of the next few pages to tide you over until I get back from my travels. Keep in mind this is the rough version of the scene, and hasn’t been edited yet, for dialogue or storytelling. So, these pages will be subject to change in the final version.

In addition to my upcoming travels to St. Louis and Chicago, I’m also in a local art show called “We Love Monsters” hosted by Andromeda Gallery in Allston. I’ll post more details on that when I have the official opening date.

Sanitarium Cover

Also, I spent part of yesterday signing prints for the impending launch of “Sanitarium,” the game I illustrated last fall, which will be coming out at the end of the month. I got to see a preview of the final game and it looks sweet! The final game shipment is currently sitting on a boat, waiting to get through customs, so I won’t have copies in hand for my upcoming appearances unless a miracle occurs, but I will have them next month for MECAF and A-Kon.

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