Extras - Behind the Scenes

Page 74 (Thumbnails)

Author's Notes:

Yet another super rough page–this time, with dialogue! This scene is actually of Xiang and Officer Newberg investigating Bryant’s trail in a dive hotel on the near west side. I was more worried about placement and composition than detail when doing these thumbs.

Kitchen construction is still devouring all my time. Almost done rewiring the bare walls. Up next: drywall! Exciting.

However, if you’re curious about the card game I was working on last month, it’s called Sanitarium, and the Kickstarter is now online. Here’s a preview of some of the art I did for the game:

I did 36 of these in about three weeks, so you’ll understand if I got behind on the comic a bit. I’ll post more as I get a chance here and on my DeviantArt.