Extras - Behind the Scenes

Page 73  (Thumbnails)

Author's Notes:

You were warned. I just finished destroying my kitchen. Zero time in the studio this week, so you guys get the extra, extra sneak peak at the upcoming scene in thumbnail form.

Before I draw a page, I sit down and work out the entire scene with quick, dirty drawings called thumbnails. They’re done about a quarter of the size I draw & ink the final versions, which is also close to the size the final artwork will print at in book form. It gives me just enough room to see if the script is working and iron out any storytelling problems. Once these sketches are complete, I’ll scan them into Photoshop, break each page into panels, and plug in the dialogue from the script (in this page’s case, there isn’t any). This allows me to make edits to the script visually, and even move the panels around (or delete, or create more depending) before moving onto pencils. When all is working smoothly, I’ll try to thumbnail scenes about a month ahead of time so I have plenty of time to chew on them subconsciously before I sit down to actually pencil. In this case, my past month has been eaten up by non-PS work, so you get to see how the guts of it work.

Expect more like this next week. If I’m lucky, I’ll have some time to start pencilling again before Thanksgiving.

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