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Author's Notes:

Penultimate thumbnail update for this scene.

Been doing some more thinking (dangerous thing, I know), and for the sake of sanity, I’m going to take a few weeks after this scene ends before beginning first batch update. The truth is May was a bit disruptive, and I haven’t spared as much time for the comic as I’d hoped. I’m working through a backlog of commissions left over from the last round of conventions, doing prep for MECAF and A-KON, and still have some client work left on my plate. While I’d prefer to be optimistic and start things up right away, I’d rather give myself some breathing space. At this point a couple of weeks delay isn’t going to matter that much. Better to get A-KON out of the way, and get my other work done without turning into a ball of stress (and that will kill my creativity faster than anything else these days).

So, I’m going to officially start the batch update system on July 2nd, the first Monday of the month, with the intent of updating a new scene the first week of each month from there.

Thanks for sticking with with me, folks!

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