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Page 90 (thumbnails)

Author's Notes:

Okay, continuing on with this scene in thumbnail form. There’s been some confusion over what’s going on with this, so I’ll clarify:

I am switching over to a batch update system for Paradigm Shift starting in June after A-KON, when I will post the complete version this current scene in its entirety. This scene is clocking in at 8 pages or so, so it won’t be quite ready before the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m posting the thumbnails for the scene to ease the transition. Once I make the switch, I won’t post thumbnails anymore. Just completed entire scenes.

I’m still working out precisely how to handle this on main page, but it may be as simple as a big link to the beginning of the scene. I’ll play around with it. I’ll be doing a bigger overhaul of the website later in the year, so letting me know how it works for you will definitely be helpful.

Thanks again for all your helpful input! It’s really appreciated.

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