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Author's Notes:

Okay, as promised, I’m continuing on the scene in thumbnail form. Still very rough script here. We’ll see what survives editing for the final.

Mostly recovered from traveling at this point. I came back with con crud and it destroyed my productivity last week. Hope to return to a more regular routine this week.

Thanks everybody for understanding the need to experiment on changing up my process, even though it’s in the middle of the story here. This is been something that has been weighing on me for quite some time. This feels like the right choice. Paradigm Shift has always been a graphic novel series first and a webcomic second in my heart, and I feel I need to treat it that way. Obviously, I’m remaining committed to publishing on the web, since that’s how this all got its start, but developing a publishing schedule that will play well with the process of doing the comic will only make it a better story in the end.

Again, I hope to continue the dialogue here. If you know of other comics that do the batch update thing and like how they go about it, please feel free to link to examples.

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