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Page 88 (Thumbnails)

Author's Notes:

Last week of thumbnails. I’m just getting back from Chicago today. I’ve gotten a much needed, and I’ll be I should be back on track next week.

Thanks for your patience!

Edit: After several great conversations with some of you at AnimeSTL and ACEN as well as in the comment threads on last week’s page, I’m taking the idea of doing monthly batch updates very, very seriously. I’d like to continue this conversation with you.

As I’m getting ready to get on a plane this morning, I’m contemplating making the transition this month. I’m coming home to a long list of commissions to do, and a web novella to illustrate on top of my regular work for PS, so this may be an ideal time.

To ease the transition, how would you feel if I just continue to post thumbnails of the rest of this scene, and then dump the finished version on you at the beginning of June?

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