Author's Notes:

This sequence of sketches is source I used to create this original transformation design animation back in 2001-2002:

(Apple Quicktime Required)

Having trouble? Download the video file: .MOV | .M4V

Update: I’ve now posted this on YouTube, so try it there if you’re having problems viewing the animation.

I used an old freeware app called “Morpher” to generate in-between frames between each of the drawings, then stitched the movies together in Adobe After Effects. Unfortunately the morphing program created a artifacts, especially between the frames where Kate is opening and closing her mouth. So, I went in and drew over each of the frames by hand to clean up the artwork in Photoshop before stitching the entire thing back together in After Effects. While the final werewolf form’s design changed somewhat in the end, the overall animation holds up pretty well.

I later reworked the frames from this animation to create this finished version.

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