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Full Body Transformation & Animation

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The head, hands, and feet studies and animations all led up to creating this sequence:

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The idea behind Kate’s werewolf transformation was to make it smooth, but horrifying, while retaining some anatomical accuracy*. After establishing the beast’s basic design, I created a halfway form between it and her human form by combining elements of the features. The first half of the metamorphosis builds towards this form, laying the groundwork for the more radical alterations in the second half with the growth of hair, claws, predatory teeth, development of a short muzzle, barrelling of the chest, and lengthening of the spine.

For added realism, the hair growth starts out following human body hair patterns, which then accelerates. It has always bothered me that classic werewolf designs rarely take cues from the fur patterns on real wolves, often resorting to ubiquitous brown hair, which makes the creature look more like a bear or dog. For Kate’s beast design, I worked in patterns of light and dark patches, corresponding both with the shapes often seen on wolf pelts, as well as the sites of normal human hair growth. I also looked at photos of wolf pups as inspiration for the short hair/fur in the intermediate stages.

In this earlier rendition of the beast, went for lankier frame because while werewolves are often depicting as hulking monsters, actual wolves are very long and lean, somewhat like greyhounds. It’s their thick, winter pelts that give them a bulkier appearance. While in the end I beefed up Kate’s final beast form up a little more, the idea remains to make her a less massive than other werewolf designs.

* Note: It should be mentioned that as the original was an anatomical study, it was done as a nude. However, for purposes of publishing online and making this safe for work, I have added some basic clothing. While I tried to make the alteration as seamless as possible, I have taken some liberties in the accuracy department for the sake of speed.

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