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Timed Master Study – Day 219

Author's Notes:

Copy – 20 minutes
Start: 9:55am End: 10:15am

Riff – ~18 minutes
Start: 10:16am End: 10:34am (guestimate – forgot to record the time.)

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6 Responses to “Timed Master Study – Day 219”

  1. WGC says:

    219 days of Timed Master studies? What happened to the story?

    • dirk says:

      They’re called warm-ups, hoss. They don’t take any more time away from the story than the Internet already does. In fact they’re improving my drawing speed. Now if I can get my *writing* speed up to as well, maybe we’ll have something. Until then, I’ll continue to post my in-process graphic novel (for free, mind you) as it goes. Sorry if a page a week isn’t good enough for you.

    • Gillsing says:

      Click on the title banner to get to the latest page of the story.

      • WGC says:

        Thanks. That was my question. There was a long hiatus for a kitchen remodel and then, somehow, my bookmark ended up in the timed study area. I had no idea the comic had restarted, I thought this was just filler.

      • dirk says:

        No worries. Always good to check the main page in the future if the’s a hiccup. I’m really trying to give fair warning when there’s going to be interruptions (like for all the conventions I’m doing this month for instance.).

      • WGC says:

        Excuse me, I meant graphic novel.

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