Extras - Werewolf Designs

Lupine Biped Schematic (c. 2000)

Author's Notes:

Back in 2000 (was it really 10 years ago already?), I first started to contemplate creating an animated transformation. However, I was still dabbling with 3D programs, and intended to do it using a morphing model in Lightwave. Unfortunately, the program proved to be far too time-consuming, but before abandoning my initial efforts, I created this schematic comparison to show a 1 to 1 comparison between the human and beast forms.

This was the first revision to original beast design. One of the original ideas was to have Kate retain the same mass during the transformation, which would still yield a very large wolf at 145lbs or so. Unfortunately, while this would violate fewer laws of physics, I realized the smaller beast just wasn’t nearly as frightening, and continued with my revisions of the design.

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