Kathryn McAllister

Vital Stats


Height: 5’8″

Weight: 138lbs

Sex: Female

Eyes: Green

Hair: Light Brown

Date of Birth: March 26th

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Education: B.S. in Criminal Science & Psychology
Police Academy Training

Occupation: Detective-Violent Crimes Unit, C.P.D.


Kate and her partner Mike are a smart-ass dynamic duo who quip and joke their way through their often stressful and traumatic job. A brilliant detective, Kate has a gift for investigation and an uncanny ability to follow a hunch. This earned her the rank of Detective after serving only two years on the force. Given her tendency to rely on gut feeling and instict, it is not surprising that she also has a fiery temper, which has earned her more than one official reprimand and temporary suspension. Though occasionally moody, Kate is usually extremely beguiling and often smooth talks her way in and out of bad situations. But, her charms are also accompianied by a sharp tongue and dry wit, and her reputation for sarcasm preceeds her.
Kate is also in excellent physical condition, as she has been an athlete for most of her life. Though not as extensively trained as her partner, she can handle herself very well in a fight. Her combat training consists of western-style kickboxing and handgun use.


Kate always wanted to be cop. In part, because her father was a well-known violent crimes investigator who had dediciated his own life to the pursuit of justice, thus exposing her to the rigors of police life from an early age. But, her intent was solidified in adolescence, after she narrowly avoided becoming a victim herself. Her reaction was one of rage rather than fear, and as a result decided that she would never allow herself to be in such a position again. From that point on, she immersed herself in physical activites–kickboxing, gymnastics, track, hockey, etc–all in an effort to forget the experience, but also to build her self-confidence so she would never again feel ‘weak.’ By the time she completed high school, Kate knew the path she wanted to follow. Four years later she had earned a criminal science degree with top honors and immediately joined the Chicago police force. Mike has been her partner since she become a detective three years ago. Together, they keep the department on its toes as both its greatest assets and biggest embarrassments.