About Paradigm Shift


Par•a•digm Shift (par’ə dɪm • shift) A sudden, radical upheaval that occurs when a new view of reality replaces the previously accepted mode of thought.

Kate McAllister may be one of the best detectives in Chicago, but she’s in for some big changes.

Modern police thriller collides with classic werewolf tale when she and her partner are kicked off a juicy gun-running case to investigate a series of bizarre animal maulings. But as she begins to develop strange symptoms and powerful, frightening abilities, Kate realizes she may know this beast better than she could possibly dream.

Now, her nightmares have invaded her waking life, and there’s more than just her job on the line — her humanity itself is at stake!

About the Author

The AuthorDirk I. Tiede was born in California, grew up in the Midwest, and cut his teeth as a graphic artist in Chicago. He holds a BFA in commercial art from Millikin University, but has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember.

He began Paradigm Shift as an online comic in 1999, and is a founding contributor to premiere comics portal Modern Tales. His artwork is showcased in the books Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning and Webcomics, appears the documentary Adventures In Digital Comics, and was featured in Season 3 of NBC’s Heroes.

Dirk works as a professional artist, illustrator and teacher in the Boston area.

Email him at dirk@dirktiede.com.