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October 14th, 2015 | filed in News

STRANGER is out today!

Space is a lonely place… especially when you’re the only human girl in your class!

Candy feels like a total misfit at her prestigous orbital school. But When a mysterious new student arrives, will she discover a kindred spirit or remain feeling alienated among aliens?

I’m delighted to announce that my first all-ages comic, STRANGER is out today on Comixology. It’s a single issue standalone written by my friend Russell Lissau and published in OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS by Pop Goes the Icon. The print edition will be out next week and showing up at a comic shop near you.

You’re probably all wondering where I’ve been, how I’ve been doing, and whether or not I’ll ever start posting PS again.

The short answers to these are:  I’m doing great.  I’ve been working on other things, including learning how to paint and playing a lot of music. And while I hope to finish up PS Part Four, I’m moving away from webcomics (duh).

Also, I’ll be exhibiting at M.I.C.E. this weekend in Cambridge. A number of my paintings and a few pages from STRANGER are now on display in the art show for the festival:

More later.

Edit: I’ve had a few questions about the pre-orders I took for Part Four waaaaaay back when I was still on the convention slog. If you’re worried about it or want you money back, email me at