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June 18th, 2012 | filed in News

Updates resume July 2nd, now in chapter form!

Hey, folks. For those of you just tuning in, you may have missed the announcement during the last thumbnail update at the beginning of this month, Paradigm Shift is switching over to a batch update system to help me work a little more efficiently. This means instead of a new page every Tuesday, I will update a new completed scene (or substantial part of a longer scene) at the beginning of every month starting in July.

During April and May I only posted thumbnails in part to help me weather the spring convention season and deal with some other work behind the scenes. It also gave me a chance to give my creative batteries a much-needed recharge. During this period, I realized that the weekly update format was actually slowing down the creation of the story. Instead of being able to work out the big picture by writing and thumbnailing large chunks of story, and working on pencilling complete scenes ahead of time, I was constantly forced to interrupt my train of thought to buckle down and produce the final art for the next page at the end of each week. I compare this to driving through Chicago by taking a street with a stop sign at every block instead of taking the expressway (assuming it’s not rush hour, that is.) It wasn’t very efficient, and it wasn’t very fun, either.

Also during this time, I came to realize that while PS is a webcomic by virtue of it being a comic that I post on the web, it isn’t served very well by treating it like one by updating one page at a time in the typical format. As I talked with many of you in the comments section here, and quite a few readers while I was on the road, it’s clear that you guys don’t really like reading it that way, either. Frankly, I couldn’t stand to read my own comic one page at a time, one week at a time, so why should I expect you to enjoy it that way either? Many of you have said that you only check in once every few months anyway. The fact is I draw this comic in order to make a complete graphic novel in the end, and that’s really the way it’s meant to be read. However, reading it a scene at a time is a reasonable compromise. That way you can still follow along the progress of the book as I create it, and I can continue to enjoy the benefit of your response to it.

So, I’m trying this new format as an experiment. Here’s the deal: You’re going to get the same amount of comics over the same period of time (maybe even more if things go well), except instead of getting a continuous cliffhanger at the end of every week, you’ll get to read the scene in its entirety as it’s meant to be read. I sincerely hope that it will be more enjoyable for all of us.

Paradigm Shift will return with a batch update on Monday, July 2nd, when I will post the finished version of the previously thumbnailed scene in its entirety.

See you then!