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November 25th, 2009 | filed in News


Well, folks, it’s official — the PS Part Three Pre-Order Project is a smashing success! Thanks to your generosity, over $3000 has been generated to bring Part Three to press. This print run is PAID FOR! Thank you so very, very much, guys. I’m grateful, and will shoot to make it entirely worth your while.

I’m still a couple weeks away from sending this out to press, and I’ll keep you updated as to the progress. In the meantime, I’ll keep the Pre-Orders open until I have books in hand, for anyone who still wants in on the deal.

Also, check out today’s update for a sneak peek at the cover design. The copy is only the current draft, so let me know what you think. Do you think it gives too much away?

November 17th, 2009 | filed in News

Making Progress!

After taking a couple of days last week to recover from the realization I’d just finished a major, major project, I’m back to the studio to get this book ready for press. I spent part of the week doing some coloring and tweaking of artwork to prep for the cover design, and I’m narrowing in on one for the front and back. Still working on the text for it, but I’ll post it once it’s edit. While I wait for some feedback, I’ve started in on proofreading the story and identifying stuff that needs to be touched-up or edited for the final. Most of it’s minor, but I’ve realized most of the lettering needs some kerning fixes, so I’ll be spending a day or so copy/pasting to and from Illustrator. I also need to write up the first draft of the footnotes for the book, and I may do that before hitting the touchups.

However, before I get going on that in earnest, I need to prepare for Anime USA this weekend. It’s my last out of town show this year, and I hope to see some of you there.

Finally, we’re getting down to the last bit of the Pre-Order project — less than $500 to go! You guys are awesome, and thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far, but I know we can finish this out in style. Thanks for all you help!

More soon.

November 9th, 2009 | filed in News


10.27.1998 – 11.09.2009

Thus ends the first PS storyline. It took over ten years to complete, kicking and screaming at times, but there it is. I did not intend to create a webcomic in the beginning. Rather it was always intended to be a series of books. However, I do not regret taking it online for a moment. Thank you all for reading and for encouraging me along the way. I could not have finished it without you all.

What’s next? As I’ve hinted on my blog and in the comments section, I will be taking a break for the rest of the year, in part to get Part Three ready for press and get plans together to promote in in the new year. There are also a number of small projects I’ve been putting off in order to finish this, and I intend to finally get to them.

However, this isn’t the end for Kate and Mike. Oh, no. PS will relaunch next year with a new look, new story, and new website. I have high hopes for a triumphant return, and look forward to getting back to the story after taking the necessary time to prepare it. I do not have a definite launch date set, but I promise to not keep you waiting any longer than necessary. I will have a better idea once I get Part Three off to press.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space. I will be posting regular updates and goodies in the meantime, including lots sketches, background material, and footnotes to the story as I get the book ready to print.

Thanks again for all your support and patience.