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August 14th, 2008 | filed in News

SOLD OUT! (press release time!)



BOSTON, MA – August 13th, 2008 – Less than a year after its national release, independent graphic novel series Paradigm Shift sells out of its first volume, Part One: Equilibrium, just in time for the release of the second volume in PREVIEWS this September. Plans are under way to reprint immediately.

Paradigm Shift is a police procedural punctuated by sardonic humor, explosive gunfights, and supernatural horror. It originally appeared in the starting lineup of the exclusive online comics portal, ModernTales, and now thrills thousands of fans worldwide with weekly installments at The series is applauded by fans and critics alike for its strong writing, beautiful artwork, and the meticulous care taken in its detailed depictions of the artist’s hometown Chicago.

Paradigm Shift – Part One: Equilibrium (ISBN-13: 978-0-9789717-1-7) collects the first volume of online material, including a special bonus section detailing the process of creating the comic, and is priced at $9.95. Released as a 100 page black-and-white, digest-sized soft cover, distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors (Order Code: DEC073615 F).

Paradigm Shift – Part Two: Agitation (ISBN-13: 978-0-9789717-2-4) collects the second volume of online material, and is priced at $12.95. Released as a 120 page black-and-white, digest-sized soft cover, the books ship in November from, distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors.

Sample art from the comic is available upon request. Read the ongoing webcomic at and see more of Dirk I. Tiede’s work at


For further information contact:
Dirk I, Tiede, Owner

August 13th, 2008 | filed in News

Report: Otakon

What an end to a whirlwind month. Otakon was amazing, frustrating, exhilarating, and exhausting. Thanks to my friend and traveling companion Shelli Paroline for braving the roads with me, and to Brion and Jen, who were kind enough to squeeze me into their tables this year due to registration snafu. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Andy, Michelle, James, Jeff, Jaeger, and everyone else for helping us run the table. Seriously, we could not have survived this con without you guys. SERIOUSLY. It may have been unbearable, otherwise.

First, the Good: Sales-wise, this con was incredible, once again. I have the pleasure to announce that I am now officially sold out of my print run of PART ONE! I will have to reprint in the coming month if I want to have books at my next show. Thanks to everyone who came by the table, new and returning, who bought books or just flipped through the artwork. You guys have made my summer. Because of you, I don’t have to go into debt to reprint books. Yay!

Also, a big hello Jennie Breeden for putting up with us as neighbors, despite sticky soda on the floor, and shout-outs to (in no particular order) Jamie (In His Likeness), Hawk, Ananth & Crew (Applegeeks), Shawn (Staccato), Dave (Paradox Lost), Dave, Dave & Jay (Chugworth), Brian (Geist Panik), Chris (Blue & Blond), Greg (Abandon), and Nick, Marty & the Gang (Dead of Summer). Thanks for hanging out with us in what little spare time we had, being good neighbors, and generally enduring the con with us. It’s always nice to see familiar and friendly faces at the show.

The Bad:Not since my own beloved hometown con of ACEN have I encountered such disorganization at a large convention. Waiting in line for over two hours to pick up a regular attendee badge before going to Artist’s Alley to set up is a completely unacceptable way to do business. Add in the backups to get in and out of the loading dock (since the security won’t let you load/unload through the street entrance), and a general surliness, you get for a pretty stressful show. I have related my grievances to the AA staff, who unlike the rest of the staff pretty friendly and understanding about the whole thing. Being on ACEN AA staff, myself, I can understand their position. Hopefully some advice will be taken, and things will be better next year.

The Truly Ugly:I have learned a new meaning of the word hell, and it is THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE. I thought I was prepared, but I was completely schooled, East Coast-style. Chicago traffic is no laughing matter, but I was left completely unprepared for the soul-crushing power of entire states turned into parking lots. It was bad enough that we chose to take the George Washington bridge on the way down (two hours I will never see again. Thank you, NYC), but I had no idea that returning on a Sunday night would be such a mind-bogglingly bad idea. It took us two hours to get out of Maryland alone. Once we realized that the back-up was caused by the dreaded NJ Pike, we opted to take the back-roads home. What should have been a 7-hour drive turned into a 10-hour Odyssey. We actually made good time once we avoided the Pike, but it meant traveling through some strange areas to get it to work (Thank you, GPS unit!). Anyway, I finally got home well after three in the morning, and I am still recovering two days later. I’m sure all you native East-Coasters could have told me, warned me, and otherwise ridiculed me over this, but all the advice in the world is no substitute for raw, unbridled and brutal experience. I will never make the same mistake again. I will drive through Pennsylvania if it means avoiding this in the future. And considering all the cons that happen in the D.C./Baltimore area, I may just have to. We’ll see.

In closing, all I can say is that I’m glad convention season is over for now. Thanks again for your patience. PS will resume regularly scheduled updates next Tuesday. Until then, enjoy some more impromptu artwork.

August 5th, 2008 | filed in News


Man, what another great weekend! I met up with my old Chicago pals Brion Foulke and Jen Brazas to claim our prize as winners of last year’s Webcomic Challenge, which earned us full Guest of Honor status and an all-expenses paid trip back to the show. It made for a wonderfully low-stress and fun weekend. We shared a dealer’s room table between the three of us, and got to hang out with a bevy of fantastic webcomickers, including reunions with folks we hung out with last year, like Brian Wilson who’s launched his new comic Geist Panik, the always funny and affableMichael “Mookie” Terracciano, and Chris Malone, who was on the receiving end of his feud with the aforementioned Mr. Wilson at the webcomics auction this year.

I also caught up with well-travelled Jennie Breedan and In His Likeness’ James Hatten in the Artist’s Colony, picked up two Octopus Pie volumes from Meredith (with sparkles!), and chatted with Aaron Diaz about the particulars of page composition and the wonders of the Cintiq. I also bumped into the creators of Prime of Ambition, a particularly well done fantasy comic who I’d had the pleasure of meeting last year.

Lastly, we had the good fortune to spend some quality time with the talented Dave Lister of Paradox Lost and his charming girlfriend. Much talk was had over our shared geek origins of Robotech, Nausicaa, and all things Science! Great times.

Now to get you that page I promised.

Then Otakon!

EDIT: I would be completely remiss if I neglected to mention that I also had a really fun Art Jam with Nick of GHOSTBUSTERS-STYLE.

Also, a big hello to Ross of The System. It was good to catch up with you, too, man!