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November 28th, 2006 | filed in News

Screentones coming!

Thanksgiving was a blast! The food was SO GOOD. I’m still eating leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries. Yum.

Anyway, since I spent most of the past week out of the studio, I didn’t get to the next PS page until Sunday evening. I ended up pencilling and inking this week’s page from start to finish in about 12 hours yesterday. I wasn’t able to squeeze in the screentones before I collapsed last night, so I just uploaded the finished inks, instead, and finished them up today.

Anyway, I finished it all up today. Take a look!

(I’m linking to Modern Tales today because WCN’s control panel is down for a server transfer, so I wasn’t able to post the updated page there, yet. I’ll fix it when I have access again.)

November 22nd, 2006 | filed in News

Blog comments

Well, about 5 minutes after I enabled blog comments again on the newsblog, I get spam.


I hate that I’m stuck running a hacked old version of WordPress that’s going to be a complete pain in the ass to upgrade. I really want to open comments again, but it’s too much damned work. So, I’ve put moderation back on. It’ll probably be more trouble than it’s worth, if the spammers keep it up.

I’m also realizing what a complete mess my website is. Oh, well. No time to screw with it now. Not until I’ve gotten well into Part 3, at least.

Anyway, happy Turkey day to everyone! More after the weekend.

November 21st, 2006 | filed in News

Pre-orders are in the wild!

But first, if you’re visiting from Dr. McNinja, Questionable Content, or Templar, AZ — WELCOME! Hope you enjoy the comic!

As of yesterday, all pre-orders are in the mail, and people are already starting to receive them! Awesome!

Sending out 50+ books proved to be quite a production, but thanks to my student Juan, and my friend (and now apprentice?), Dan, we were able to get them prepped and ready to go in only two days. (Thanks again, guys!)

Click for more.

Anyway, they’re all out the door. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered! You guys rock so much. You made the process of leaping into a real print run much, much easier. THANK YOU!

Now, it’s time to work on Book 3…