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October 31st, 2005 | filed in News


Had a great weekend making costumes and hitting parties.

Here’s the results!


October 24th, 2005 | filed in News


It was fun, but exhausting weekend! Thanks to everyone who came by the table, and especially to those who bought books & commissions! You guys rock!

Notable highlights for the weekend were the storytelling and figure drawing workshops, and losing ‘Draw or Die’.

Hello to Elon, Beth, Kellie, Chris, Brion, Jen, BMAN, Alisa, Allie, Lor, Mark, Petra, and Melly. Also a BIG GIANT THANKS to Emily for helping set up and run the table!!!! Yay!

Anyway, I have a con report up for anyone who’s interested.

Quick addendum: I’m afraid I have to cancel my appearance at Youmacon. As much as I wanted to go, it’s just not going to happen at this point. Instead, I’ll just be making a small appearance on some panels at Windycon here in Chicago that weekend. Sorry to disappoint, guys.

October 18th, 2005 | filed in News


Okay, it’s officially up and running, with with way more posted now! I’ve got a backlog going back over a month, plus regular updates through Halloween, with much more to come.

New updates daily.

Check it!